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What You Should Do to Safely Wear Contact Lenses

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Are contact lenses safe? The answer is yes. However, you need to do few things, in order to lower the risk of eye problem that came from your contact lenses. Here are those few things that you must do.

Let Your Eyes Breathe

When you wear contact lenses, you will also block the oxygen to reach your eyes. Most of contact lenses will cover the whole cornea part of your eyes. This condition will force your body to add more oxygen into this part. And, your body will do it by increasing the amount of blood that run into your eyes cornea. The result is the blood vein in your eyes will be swollen. This will add more pressure on your cornea. In the end, it can cause impaired vision and inflammation.

So, how can we solve that problem? The answer is actually simple.

  • Take off your contact lenses. Therefore, you need to have at least one pair of eyeglasses, so you can take your contact lenses off, and you won’t get any vision problem without it. The recommended periods of time that you can take when you wear your contact lenses is 10 hours. More than that, it could cause the problem above.

  • Choosing silicone hydrogel lenses is also the other solution. This lens can be called as breathable lenses. It is much thinner than standard contact lenses. And, it can allow your cornea to get 5 times more oxygen, compared to the standard contact lenses.

Keep Your Contact Lenses Clean

When you wear your contact lenses, it can collect dirt and bacteria, on the front or back side of it. Therefore, there is risk to get the infection because of your contact lenses. According to the expert from Brien Holden Institute, there are only 4 infection cases of 20,000 contact lenses user a year. It’s indeed low number. But, once you get the infection, it can become severe infection that can give you more eye problem and can cause blindness.

So, what you need to do here is clean your contact lens regularly. Use the specific recommended contact lenses solution after you wear it. Some solution advice you to avoid rubbing your contact lenses, when you clean it. However, according to expert, rubbing your contact lenses will remove the dirt on it even more.

The other important thing you need to know is replacing your contact lenses cases. Contact lenses case also can become the source of bacteria. So, place it in clean place and replace it every 3 months.

Follow the Schedule

Your optician will give you prescription as well as schedule that you need to follow. This schedule will tell you how long and when you should wear your contact lenses. Follow this schedule carefully, and do not try to use it like what you want. So, are contact lenses safe? Yes, as long you follow the tips above and don’t try something funny, you will get all benefits from the contact lenses that you wear.

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