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Top 5 Favorite Contact Lenses in 2018

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Contact lenses

Contact lenses are also the important thing you need to have in nowadays. But sometimes you need to adjust the occasion before using it. We have 5 most favorite brands along with the occasion you may want to know.

Contact lenses for dry eye

If you have dry eye, you may consider buy contact lenses from Alcon’s Dailies Total1® because it helps to watering your eyes constantly. The lenses are made of silicone core between the outer and inner layers. The layers are also created on ultra-soft hydrophilic surface.

The competitor is ACUVUE® OASYS® Daily Contact Lenses. Those consist of 38% water. What makes the lenses very comfy to use is the HydraLuxe Technology that will make your eyes feel normal all day long.

Contact lenses for monthly uses

If you like to wear daily contact lenses or you wear it frequently then you may consider the Bausch & Lomb’s ULTRA. Since it is equipped with the latest technology, the wettability is maintained. You will be comfortable to use it daily in one month.

The technology of substance called PVP that hydrates your eyes effectively.

Contact lenses for Presbyopia

Daily lenses are pretty popular in nowadays and you want to buy contacts for presbyopia. Well, basically contact lenses for presbyopia are not getting cheaper but there are options you can look at such as the 1-DAY ACUVUE-MOIST Brand MULTIFOCAL. The lenses are using the sophisticated technology to help the presbyopes eyes.

The lenses are pretty comfortable to use as well as helping you to correct your vision.

Contact lenses for budget conscious buyer

Some people would like to buy cheap contact lenses with all conveniences that are possible. Of course you need to change the lenses more frequently than the brand with pricier price could offer. ACUVUE OASYS Brand Contact Lenses offers cheap contacts which also provide the convenience to the users.

For a year, it only requires USD 200. ACUVUE also offers other type of contact lenses that will give more affordable option if USD 200 is too much for you.

Contact Lenses for overnight wear

Contact lenses are not supposed to be worn for overnight. But if you want to then AIR OPTIX offers this option for you. Since this is designed for overnight wear, the technology allows the eyes to get oxygen booster. But the period is only limited to 30 days wear and after that you really need to change the contact if you really wear it overnight. But if you are not, you can discuss it with your doctor first.

Again, sleeping with lenses is not recommended due to health reason. Most lenses are not for overnight wear. So you better not sleep with lenses on your eyes.

Cheap contacts are not always the bad one. Sometimes the price is just about the brand popularity. But the brands we have stated above are the best ones you can consider. Also, you need to consult it with the expert before you really buy  and wear the lenses on your eyes.

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