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Tips for Every Contact Lens Wearer

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Cheap contacts can be the best lenses sometimes. And maybe this is your first time to use the lens on your eyes. This is why in this article we are going to tell you about things you need to know about contact lenses. Here we have several questions related about contact lenses.

Am I putting the lenses right?

When you want to put the lenses on your eyes, you need to make sure that the lens is on the U shape, like a cup. Hold up the lens with your finger directly in front of your eye and then you can see that it is inside out. When you see U position of the lens then it is already in the right shape too.

Some lenses also come along with the brand of the lens. You should be able to read the label properly. If you could not then it is in the wrong direction. Even if you put it in the wrong way, it will not cause any damage to your eyes. But you definitely will feel uncomfortable as your cue. If you use the daily contact lenses then you can tell if you already wear it in the right way or not.

How to apply the contact lenses?

Before you apply the lenses on your eyes, you need to make sure that you have washed your hands first. Besides, you need to stay away from any oily or scented soap while washing your hands because it will affect your contacts. Your contacts will be contaminated by the soapy things. Lotion is also not recommended.

You need to make sure if you apply the lens in the right place every time you buy contacts.

If you put your lenses in the case, you need to shake it gently so the lenses will not be stuck inside the case. Pulling the stuck lenses will cause damage to your lenses.

And after you put the lenses on your eyes, you need to make sure that those are already centered.

Removing the lenses

Again, it is important to always keep the hygiene of your hands. After you wash the hands then you really need to dry it with paper towel.

When you will pull out the lenses from your eyes, you need to look sideways or upward then pull down your lower eyelid using your finder. Then you can pull out your lenses gently with your finger while the thumb is still holding the lower eyelid.

Contact lenses and UV light

UV light develops cataracts. And too much exposure will cause further health issue.

Some brands of contact lenses always provide the blocking agent of UV light. Cheap contact lenses are mostly equipped with this kind of blocking agent too. The blocking agent is supposed to protect the vision so you will stay comfortable even though you are under the sunlight.

However, it does not mean that it replaces the presence of sunglasses. It is still highly recommended to always wear your sunglasses to prevent any damaging effect toward your eyes.

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