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Things to Consider before Buying Contact Lenses

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Many people prefer wearing contact lenses nowadays rather than glasses. Aside from being more stylish, there are now many lenses available with various colors and even motives. If you are also interested to buy them in the near future, make sure to not only consider the designs. There are many things to be acknowledged more by remembering that eyes are really sensitive. What are they?

The Eyes’ Conditions

Of course, it is the most important one. Make sure to do some checkups before deciding to buy contact lenses. There are some matters to be checked. First, how is your vision? Is it normal, suffering myopia, or even farsighted? Second, are your eyes easily allergic from strange thing from outside? Third, ensure also what kind of lenses which are the best for you seen from the medical perspectives. If the ophthalmologist says ‘yes’, just buy them. There is no problem your eyes to wear the lenses But if he or she  says ‘no’, you should not force yourself to wear them just for the sake of fashion.

The Quality of Lenses

Along with the popularity of these tools, it is very easy actually to find many sellers of contact lenses around. Unfortunately, the products they sell are sometimes not qualified enough. Of course, it means that you have to be really careful in choosing one of them. Cheap contacts are indeed tempting. But if the quality is still not guaranteed. You must avoid buying them for sure. Have you heard cases where contact lenses users damage their eyes and even blind because of this? Well, it is so scary, isn’t it?

The Newest Technology

Day by day, the lenses must implement the new technology to help the users more. One of the newest technologies which are really beneficial is Hydrogel. This technology enables the oxygen to flow more freely. Therefore, your eyes are always hydrated as well as you feel more refreshing and less painful when wearing them.

Another technology is UV blocking that preventing any damage when the daily contact lenses are radiated by the sun. One more thing, there is Lacreon that is functioned to keep the eyes healthy and moist. Well, although such lenses may be still more expensive than the others, they are still more recommended to buy than the conventional ones.

The Placement of Color Layer

In term of the lenses’ iris, they have many variants like black, brown, grey, blue, green, Tosca, hazel, and even red. Actually, those artificial pigments are quite dangerous for your eyes. It is particularly when they are faded or directly contacted the eyes. So, it is important to make sure that the pigments are not placed on the inner layer that can touch the eyes. Besides, when they are placed on the outer layer, it is also still risky. Why? It is because the color can just be simply faded when you blink.

The best placement is in the middle anyway. The soft lenses must be made from some layers and then the pigments must be placed between them.


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