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The best monthly contact lenses

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Which best monthly contact lenses to choose? The technology from contact lenses allows contact lenses wearer to have wider options to choose around how long they need to wear the contact lenses rather than the past. The monthly contact lenses should be changes every night and disinfected with the cleaning solution and store in the proper receptacle. This type of contact lenses is safe to wear for one month.

The benefit of monthly contact lenses

Are the monthly contact lenses perfect for you? The monthly contact lenses have several benefits include:

  • Extended wear contact. There are some monthly contact lenses that able to worn up for 7 days straight without need to release it from your eyes. Wear contact lenses are not recommended while you are sleeping as it can risk your eyes because the lenses deprive to the oxygen to your eyes. The risk can include the cornea infection which the blood vessel starts to intrude to the white part of your eyes. During the day, when your eyes opened, oxygen will bring to your cornea.Monthly contact lenses have silicone hydrogen material that have higher gas permeability and allow oxygen up to 5 times through to the lens.
  • Fewer lenses when choose monthly. The monthly contact lenses can be slightly lower in the cost of overall cost that you need to buy rather than daily contact lenses. You toss it every month rather than every day. This means you only need at least 24 contact lenses every year.
  • Comfort. The silicone hydrogen in monthly contact lenses can be more comfortable to wear. Your eyes will breathe better but it stays moist.

There are several well-known monthly contact lenses brands available to choose.

Which are better, monthly or daily contact lenses?

There are several factors influences on choosing contact lenses that you need to wear. If you are person that live in controlled environment such as office or home, then choose monthly contact lenses is better. This type is best as wearer can access to right amenities in case if there is something gets into eyes and need to clean the contact lenses immediately. If you are person that involved into activities that include contact and projectiles, you can choose daily disposable contact lenses. Outdoor activities can increase the risk of sweat; sunscreen and also dirt get to your eyes. In this case, you need to replace it immediately from your eyes.

Whether you will choose monthly, dailies or biweekly, the option is yours. Always take consultation before you get new contact lenses with your eye doctor. Your eye doctor will ensure the contacts will be prescribed and fitted with your eyes as it will keep your eye health in best. When it comes to scheduled contact lenses, the option is the personal preference matter. However, your eye doctor will give you guidance on which the best for your lifestyle. Your eye doctor also can help you to choose best monthly contact lenses if you decide to choose this monthly contact lenses.

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