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Causes of Dry Eye Syndrome and Best Contacts for Dry Eyes

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best contacts for dry eyes

Best contacts for dry eyes depend on your condition and the term you prefer the most. But it is better if you just go to the doctor so you will know the exact step you should take according to your condition.

Dry eye syndrome is experienced by five million people in USA. And the causes are such as:

  • Damage to the glands of tear around your eye;
  • Damage or disease of the skin near the eye;
  • Certain disease like Sjorgren’s syndrome or autoimmune illness;
  • Specific medicines;
  • Hormonal changes especially along with menopause;
  • Allergies and aging eyes.

Meanwhile, wearing the contact lenses for a long time could lead to dry eyes too. You are still able to wear soft lens but you may need to do some adjustments. Here we have options available as well as best contacts for dry eyes for you if you have dry eyes.

Scleral Lenses for dry eyes

Other than soft contact lenses, dry eyes may be comfortable with scleral lenses. The diameter is larger along with bigger rigid gas permeable lenses will vault over the entire surface of cornea. It maintains the moisture on the front surface so it will not be drying out.

Other than that, this type of lens is customable. It will fit your cornea, which is different from other person. It will provide sharper and clearer vision that could not be done by soft contact lenses.

There are several brands that produce scleral lenses such as Zenlens from Alden Optical, iSight Scleral from GP Specialist, Atlantis Scleral from X-Cel Specialty Contacts, and also Ampleye from Art Optical Contact Lens.


This is like an unusual approach to overcome dry eyes issue with contact lens. This contact lens will allow you to wear it only when you are asleep. Ortho-k is the fitting technique of contact lens that is exclusively designed GP contact lens for overnight wear. When the user is asleep, the lens will reshape the cornea and then correct the nearsightedness along with other error so you will be able to see more clearly in the daylight without contact lenses or glasses.

Since you will wear it at night, it will reduce the possibility to get dry eyes symptoms due to over-worn of contact lenses.

Eye drops

Sometimes dry eyes can be fixed by putting eye drops, occasionally, like comfort drops or artificial tears. Obviously, it only provides the relief in short-term. But you can apply several drops in a day. You can ask your doctor for specific dosage and brand of eye drops product so you will be able to overcome the inconvenient due to dry eye symptoms.

It is possible if the problem may not be with the contact lenses. Maybe, this is the solution you use to clean the contacts. Some brands may contain preservatives which can irritate your eyes if you have such as sensitive eyes and it will make your eyes dry eventually. So, if you worry about this, you better talk to your doctor for solution of best contacts for dry eyes.

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