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Best Deals on Contact Lenses and Review

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Best deals on contact lenses may be some good news for you. But basically, the cost depends on various factors along with the prescription of your contact lens, the type of it, and where you will buy it. Other factors that contribute to the cost are such as the rebates of manufacturer, discounts, and how frequently the lenses are replaced.

In general speaking, if you replace the lenses every two weeks then you may need five boxes, each contains 30 lenses per eye. It makes 10 boxes in one year. So, if the average price per box is between USD 22 and USD 26 then it costs at least USD 250 per year.

In this article we are going to write about best deal on contact lenses with good price.

ClearSight 1 Day Contacts

It contains 30 lenses in a box. Manufactured by CooperVision, the daily disposable contacts will be very suitable for you who have active lifestyle and super-tight schedule. You do not need to clean it and it protects your eyes from UV rays. The price starts from USD 19.

The lenses contain 52% water concentration and also 48% of ocufilcon B.


Focus DAILIES also contains 30 pack in a box. This brand is also daily disposable that will allow you to wear all day long and simply dispose it before you go to bed. It makes the lenses very convenient to use and easy to apply. It needs no maintenance and cleaning, since it is a daily disposable item.

The moisture will be activated every time you blink your eyes. It contains 31% of Nelfilcon A and 69% of water concentration. Focus DAILIES is manufactured by CIBA Vision Corp. The price starts from USD 20.

Soflens Toric Contact Lenses for Astigmatism

Astigmatism seems to have very limited option when it comes to soft contacts lenses. Even though there are options, they must deal with lenses that make them out of focus along with their blinking.

Nowadays, Bausch + Lomb already developed a daily disposable soft contact lens for astigmatism. It contains 30 lenses per box in pretty affordable price. Do not worry for first time user because it is easy to use, needs no maintenance and cleaning, and no risk of lenses deposit on your eyes.

You just put it on your eyes in the morning and throw it before bed. The price starts from USD 21 with excellent vision to be used in nighttime.

It contains 41% of polymer and 59% of water concentration.

ACUVUE 2 contacts

Acuvue by Johnson & Johnson is like the best-selling product since 1999. It provides the best comfort and quality of contacts with crisp and clear vision. The contact is weekly disposable so you need to take it out before bed and wear it again tomorrow.

Besides improving your vision, it has generous technology to block the UV rays. The price starts from USD 22. 58% water concentration in the lens makes the contacts are really comfortable to use even for the first-time wearer. So, it can be one of best deals on contact lenses.

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