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Best Daily Contact Lenses: Is It a Healthy Choice?

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best daily contact lenses

Best daily contact lenses in the market depend on your condition and also budget. You will see various brands that come with different price tags when it comes to contact lenses. Other than that, the types and features will also be the next consideration before buying a contact lens.

Before you buy the contacts, you need to know two basic things about it. Do not confuse daily wear term and daily disposable term when it comes to contact lenses.

  • Daily wear contacts are the ones that have to be removed before you go to bed. It is not FDA approved to be worn overnight. This type of lens should also be replaced annually, quarterly, monthly, or weekly, depends on the brands and the schedule arranged by the brand. Wearing and replacement schedule are not the same thing.
  • Meanwhile, disposable does not always mean single-use when it comes to contact lenses’ world. Daily disposable lens is lens that must be removed and discarded in daily basis.

Is it a healthy choice?

Daily disposable contact lens can be touted as the best daily contact lenses. It is because you do not need to wear it extendedly because overnight use will be definitely not a good idea. Besides healthy, this is like the convenient choice. The user does not need to clean the lenses and there will be no lens deposit because the same lens would not be worn more than once.

Below, we have several brands of best daily contact lenses.


This brand is disposable for daily basis. Johnson & Johnson is the manufacturer of this brand. According to the product, it could block UV-A ray up to 82% and UV-B ray up to 97%. Besides, the manufacturer claimed that this is the highest number for UV protection in daily disposable lenses.

The lenses are specifically designed to help eyes maintain the moist level and stay fresh until at the end of the day. The moisture can be maintained through the LACREON technology. It is pretty unique because it creates a cushion so the moisture will stay balance like the natural human tears to minimize friction.

DAILIES AquaComfort Plus

The brand stated that it features three agents of moisturizing for great comfort when you insert the lens as well as excellent comfort when you wear it. This brand is manufactured by Alcon.

It provides the clear and crisp vision. Every time you blink the moisture technology is activated to refresh the comfort for all day long. Since this is a disposable item, you do not need to clean it.

Biotrue ONEday

Biotrue ONEday is manufactured by Bausch + Lomb. It is a disposable brand inspired from the HyperGl. The outer lens surface is exclusively designed to imitate the tear film’s lipid layer so it will prevent eye’s dehydration. Besides, the optic can be maintained consistently.

The lenses protect your eyes from the UV rays. 78% water content in the lens made this product becomes one of the best daily contact lenses.


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