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Best Daily Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes in the Market

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best daily contact lenses for dry eyes

Best daily contact lenses for dry eyes may be something you want to know. In fact, most people who wore contacts said that wearing contact lenses make their eyes feel dry. Dry eye syndrome is a problem that commonly faced by all wearers or even non-wearers. But the symptoms of dry eyes can be more blatant if you use the contacts. Other than that, the contacts are getting dry out too.

The good news is that there are effective and efficient treatments for any problem related to dry eye.

If you wear the contacts and your feel like irritated or scratchy or your eyes turned red then you may need to switch to other brands or types. Sometimes you contact lens need to be replaced with the new one.

The best way is by seeing the doctor so any symptom you have suffered can be examined and the treatment can be adjusted with your condition. There are several brands that develop the contact lenses specifically manufactured for users with dry eyes syndrome. It can reduce discomfort and will be more suitable if you have such a dry eye. And in this article, we are going to tell you several brands of best daily contact lenses for dry eyes.

CooperVision Proclear

CooperVision Proclear is one of the most popular brands and it also develops the contacts for dry eyes. Soft contact lenses for dry eyes are made of high-water hydrogel along with the contain molecules from cell membranes of human. The lenses will stay moist and you will be comfortable using it even for 12 hours.

Dailies Total 1

Dailies Total 1 is a brand from Alcon. This brand is designed for one-time use since it is a disposable contact lens. The lens’ core contains approximately 33% of water and 80% of water is developed at back and front surface of the lens. The unique design provides the super-smooth surface so you can wear it comfortably all day long.

Bausch + Lomb Ultra

The lenses are made of the silicone hydrogel that features MoistureSeal. The technology will maintain the moisture up to 16 hours so you can see clearer without sacrificing the comfy. The brand also provides the satisfaction guarantee. If satisfaction did not touch you then you can simply return it in unopened box and within 90 days the manufacturer will give you full refund.

Extreme H2O

Extreme H2O is a brand marketed by the X-Cel Specialty Contacts. Many doctors will prescribe the patient with this brand in order to reducing the problems related to dry eyes. The lenses contain high concentration of water with latest technology. It makes the lenses retain the water content virtually so you can wear it all day long. It is a disposable lens and available for two-week and weekly option. Besides for dry eyes, there is also another option for astigmatism.

It is better to see your doctor if you find any problem with your eyes so you will get proper treatment and prescription. Vitamins and eye supplements will be necessary along with the best daily contact lenses for dry eyes.

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