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Best Contact Lenses Brand to Get For Lenses Lover

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Do you know anything about the best contact lenses brand? Take a look at the best contact lenses brands below.

ACUVUE OASYS for the dry eyed

This contact lens brand got OASYS as its name. Seeing the word OASYS obviously comes from the word oasis, this brand of contact lens is suitable for people whose eyes are dry as the Sahara itself. There are not that many brands of contact lenses that are good for dry eyed people (with Alcon being the first one to accommodate dry eyes), but with the dawn of this brand, people with dry eyes can rejoice because this contact lens is like a light in the night. This brand is special because of its Hydraluxe technology, which is ‘powered’ by your tears. If you got this one, tears will not only be a thing of sadness – it will be your best friend.

One more thing: it is dead cheap, yet not as bad as those generic lenses you see on the shop. 200 US dollars will get you a yearly supply of this kind of lens. In my opinion, 200 dollars per year is deadly cheap.


If you wear your contact lens on a monthly basis, there is nothing better on shop than ACUVUE VITA, which is like the best monthly contact lens ever for the taking. While many other contact lenses will get dry for an extended period of usage, ACUVUE’s VITA brushes away that paradigm and stays wet for 30 days long. This lens is a technological marvel thanks to its constant hydrating agent. With this one here, you will always be wet and ready for the sights.

Alcon Dailies Total 1 Multifocal

People think that because it is easy to find a contact lens for myopia is easy, finding one for presbyopia will be easy as well. That way of thinking is somewhat wrong because finding a lens for people with near sight problem is not that easy. Luckily for those with presbyopia (and those who do not want to wear eyeglasses), Alcon releases something called Dailies Total 1 Multifocal. It is an incredible lens for those with a major problem in reading stuffs close to them. The calibration is top notch and you can expect the lens to hold out a bit longer than your usual lens.

Acuvue 2

If ‘cheap’ is the word that rings your ding, Acuvue 2 will be your best friend. It is not as good as the other ACUVUE products, but it is a cheap lens that does its job well thanks to the world class infinity edge technology. Sure its old, but sometimes old people are the best at their jobs, am I right?

AIR OPTIX Night and Day

Just like the name suggests, this lens works wonder if you are more of an overnight user. While wearing contact lenses for long is never suggested, this brand of lens will hurt you less than other brands of lenses if you plan on wearing it for an extended period of time. With that in mind, surely there is no question why this brand is one of the best contact lenses brand for the taking.

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