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A Simple Guide to Choose Colored Contact Lenses

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Today, contact lens isn’t only used for helping your vision. But, many of them are designed to be accessories for your appearance. For example, when you go to Halloween party and want to change your eyes color, you can wear colored contact lenses. That will make your appearance looks stronger and unique. These cool contact lenses, which give you different appearance once you wear it. Now, in order to choose and get best coloured contact lenses, there are few important things that you need to know.

Type of Colored Contact Lenses

The first type is the purposes of the contact lenses itself. For this purpose, there are two types of colored contact lenses you can find, which are:

  • Prescription color contact lenses, which is used for person with myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism. The color on these contact lenses is used to balance or enhance the eye color and your vision, because of that eye problem.

  • Plano color contact lenses are the contact lenses that were made purely for cosmetic purpose. It doesn’t have vision correction function or such. So, you just wear it to change your eyes color.

The other type is the color different. There are three types that you can find in this category, which are:

  • Visibility tint is the contact lenses that has light blue or green tint. The color is quite faint, so it won’t change your eyes color entirely. The color is added, so you can easily insert or remove it into your eyes.

  • Enhancement tint is the contact lenses that can enhance your eye color. This is good choice, if you want to make your eye color look sharper.

  • Opaque tint is the type that can change your eyes color completely. The color is quite thick. And, once you wear it, your eyes color will changed. For example, if you have blue eye, and wear yellow opaque tint contact lenses, your eyes color will turn into yellow.

How to Choose the Best Colored Contact Lenses?

The first thing you must do is what you want to do with those contact lenses. Now, if you plan to make a subtle change on your eye color, you can choose the enhancement tint color type. Choose the type that can enhance the edges of your iris. This will give your eyes deeper natural color. You can even experiment by wearing different color than your natural eyes color. For example, if your eye color is black, you can wear light blue enhancement color type, and give it nice color blend.

Do not forget to find trusted brand for the contact lenses that you want to wear. The top brands will give you best coloured contact lenses as well. What you need to remember here, even though this is only for cosmetic purposes, you can only get it with prescription. This will ensure that the contact lenses that you wear are safe. And, it perfectly fit with your eyes condition and won’t give you any problem.

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