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5 Easy and Safe Tips to Buy Contact Lenses

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Do you prefer wearing daily contact lenses to glasses? It is a good idea indeed. Not only are they making your appearance more natural, the lenses also tend to make your eyes look more beautiful. However, it is important also to realize that eyes are really sensitive organs. Wrong treatments can just give you bigger problems like blindness. Therefore, if you want to buy them, make sure to follow some tips below.

Adjust Them to Your Conditions

Just like buying glasses, you are required to checkup your current eyes’ conditions at first. Despite knowing whether they are normal, plus, or minus, checking up the eyes are also important to know the tendency of your eyes having allergy. More than that, there is a fact that wearing lenses is indeed quite risky. Make sure to follow the suggestions from the ophthalmologist. If your conditions are not possible to wear soft lenses, it is much better to avoid them anyway.

Buy the Qualified Contact Lenses

Buying the lenses in the accessories or beauty shops that have no standard is better to avoid. For the best lenses, the optics is those you should visit at first even when your eyes are actually normal. It is better to buy them that are more expensive but have been guaranteed than the cheap contact lenses that you still don’t know how the quality is. So, don’t be easily tempted with cheap offers spreading outside then.

Check the Expiration Date

For the safety as well, you have to check the expiration date of soft lenses you want to buy. a pair of expired contact lenses give you so many side effects like the feeling of itch, red eyes, and watery. Of course, the effects are getting bigger if you recklessly wear them continuously. Terrible things like blindness are also not impossible to experience. It also means that you should notice the expiration date of lenses that you already buy. Around a month before the date, make sure you already buy the new ones and wear them.

Check the Diameter and Width of Lenses

Do you know that the lenses offered in the shops must have different diameters? Well, the diameter must be adjusted to our eyeball. Of course, you cannot measure it by yourself. Therefore, it is another importance to do the checkup before wearing soft lenses.

Besides, not only is about the diameter that must be considered, the contact lenses also have different width levels. In general, the thinner they are, they become more comfortable to wear. However, it has a risk also. The thin lenses tend to be easier to be torn. On the other hand, wide lenses are stronger but make you feel less comfortable. The best solution is probably choosing a product between them.

Avoid Lenses with Too Much Motive

Aside it may make your appearance look weird, the colors and motives on lenses are risky as well. The pigments applied are actually dangerous for your eyes. So, fewer pigments are the better choice in this case. Meanwhile, the pigments must also be placed in the middle of lense to avoid it directly touching the eyeballs.

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